Gefen & Dujin (ed.): Politiques de la littérature

Alexandre Gefen, member of the ICLA theory committee, has co-edited, with Anne Dujin, the July-August 2021 issue of Esprit, titled Politiques de la littérature (The Many Politics of Literature). Organized into three thematic sections, “The Democracy of Letters,” “Literary Engagements,” and “The Question of Forms,” the issue includes articles by Jacques-Yves Bellay, François Bon, Sylvie Bressler, François Crémieux, Nicolas Léger, Michel Murat, Jean-Claude Pinson, Gisèle Sapiro, Felwine Sarr, Alice Zeniter, Cécilia Suzzoni, as well as the editors.

Zilcosky: The Language of Trauma

John Zilcosky, Former and Honorary President of the ICLA theory committee, is the author of The Language of Trauma: War and Technology in Hoffmann, Freud, and Kafka. Published by University of Toronto Press, the book makes the case that E.T.A. Hoffmann, Sigmund Freud, and Franz Kafka managed to find the language of trauma by, paradoxically, not attempting to name the trauma conclusively and instead allowing their writing to mimic the experience itself. Just as the victims’ symptoms seemed not to correspond to a physical cause, the writers’ words did not connect directly to the objects of the world. Zilcosky argues that this linguistic skepticism emerged together with the medical inability to name the experience of trauma.

Leerssen (ed.): Parnell and His Times

Former member of the ICLA Theory Committee, Joep Leerssen, has edited Parnell and His Times, a collection of essays on the Irish national leader Charles Stewart Parnell (1846–1891). The contributors reassess Parnell’s impact on the Ireland of his time, its cultural, religious, political, and intellectual life, in order to trace his posthumous influence into the early twentieth century in fields such as political activism, memory culture, history-writing, and literature.

CFP: Expériences (SELF XX–XXI)

Committee member Alexandre Gefen has issued a call for papers for the biennial congress of SELF XX–XXI, the Society for the study of literature in French from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, of which he is the vice president. The congress, entitled “Expériences,” will take place in Paris from June 16–18, 2022. The deadline for abstracts is Sept. 1 , 2021; abstracts of 3,000–5,000 characters should be sent along with brief bioblurbs at Attendance fee is €50 for academics and €30 for students.

Dwivedi & Mohan featured in Episteme

The work of Committee member Divya Dwivedi and her co-author Shaj Mohan has been featured in a recent special issue of Episteme dedicated to their book Gandhi and Philosophy: On Theological Anti-Politics. Guest-edited by Kamran Baradaran, the issue includes contributions by Robert Bernasconi, Farid Ghadami, Reghu Janardhana, Marguerite La Caze, Ivana Perica, Daniel J. Smith, and Benedetta Todaro, as well as a conversation between Rachel Adams and Shaj Mohan.

Paris (@ Zoom) 2021: final program

The AILC/ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory is proud to share the final program of its annual workshop for 2021, which will take place on 17–19 June on Zoom under the title “Theorizing Chance.” The workshop will be hosted by the University of Paris 3 and the ALEA network and chaired by Anne Duprat and Alexandre Gefen. Please email Sébastien Wit at sebastien.wit[at] to obtain the Zoom link for the event.

Livres de voix : narrations pluralistes et démocratie

Alexandre Gefen, member of the ICLA theory committee, and Frédérique Leichter-Flack have organized the conference Livres de voix : narrations pluralistes et démocratie (Books of Voice: Pluralist Narratives and Democracy). The conference is to take place on October 1, 2021, at Science Po in Paris. The aim is to rethink the notion of democracy from the perspective of narrative polyphony and its use between the polyphonic novel of the nineteenth century and the polyphonic non-fiction of the twenty-first. Abstracts of 3000–5000 characters along with brief bioblurbs are to be sent to and before May 31, 2021.

Paris (@ Zoom) 2021: Theorizing Chance

This year’s workshop of the AILC/ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory will take place on 17–19 June on Zoom under the title “Theorizing Chance: How Does Literary Theory Deal with Contingency?” It will be hosted by the University of Paris 3 and the ALEA network, and chaired by Anne Duprat and Alexandre Gefen. Other speakers will include Zaal Andronikashvili, Vladimir Biti, Divya Dwivedi, Jernej Habjan, Julia Jordan, Maya Issam Kesrouany, Karin Kukkonen, Xiaofan Amy Li, Robert Stockhammer, Susanne Strätling, Stefan Willer, and Robert J. C. Young. The program is forthcoming on this site.

Reynolds (PI): Prismatic Jane Eyre blog

Committee member Matthew Reynolds and honorary Committee president Sowon Park have gathered a group of researches to read Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre as it exists in numerous editions around the world, including those in English. The result, “Prismatic Jane Eyre,” is available online as an interactive website that recently launched its blog. Led by Reynolds, the project is funded by the AHRC as part of the Prismatic Translation strand within the Open World Research Initiative program in Creative Multilingualism, and it is hosted by the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Research Centre. The prismatic approach itself was the topic of the Committee’s 2016 workshop and edited volume.

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