Tihanov (ed.): Universal Localities

Galin Tihanov, Former and Honorary President of the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory, is the editor of Universal Localities: The Languages of World Literature. The latest volume of J. B. Metzler’s “Schriften zur Weltliteratur / Studies on World Literature” book series, this collection of essays discusses world literature in the context of bilingualism, supranational languages, and dialects. The chapters examine the larger social and political stakes of articulating ideas of world literature in the intellectual interplay between philology, anthropology, law, and ecohumanities. Categories such as universality, locality, difference, foreignness, and openness are viewed in their relation to language and its embeddedness in history.

Gefen & Crozet: La littérature : une infographie

ICLA theory committee member Alexandre Gefen has teamed up with data designer and cartographer Guillemette Crozet to co-author the book La littérature : une infographie (Literature: An Infography). Published by CNRS Èditions, the book offers a new kind of graphic writing that is as rich as it is playful. Thanks to data visualization, readers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of literature, meeting its history, its genres, its authors, its works and their circulation, but also its readers.

Larsen (co-ed. w. Jørgensen & Higonnet): Pathways through Realism

Svend Erik Larsen, former member of the ICLA theory committee, is co-editor, with Steen Bille Jørgensen and Margaret R. Higonnet, of Volume II of Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking Literary Realism in Comparative Perspectives. Subtitled Pathways through Realism, this collection of essays is the thirty-third tome of the Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages, the ICLA sponsored book series published by John Benjamins. Pathways through Realism shows in its four core essays and twenty-four case studies four major pathways through the landscapes of realism: the psychological pathways focusing on emotion and memory; the referential pathways highlighting the role of materiality; the formal pathways demonstrating the dynamics of formal experiments; and the geographical pathways exploring the worlding of realism from the nineteenth century to the present.

“World, War, Literature”: Workshop at Tampere University, 30 November

Jernej Habjan, former member of the ICLA theory committee, will present his latest work on world-literary theory at the workshop “World, War, Literature“, convened by Natalya Bekhta (current committee member). The workshop will in particular discuss the place of contemporary literary cultures of Central and Eastern Europe in current theoretical debates. It will take place on 30 November at Tampere University (Finland). Online participation is possible.

Caracciolo (co-ed. w. Karlsson Marcussen & Rodriguez): Narrating Nonhuman Spaces

Marco Caracciolo, member of the ICLA theory committee, is co-editor, with Marlene Karlsson Marcussen and David Rodriguez, of Narrating Nonhuman Spaces: Form, Story, and Experience beyond Anthropocentrism. Published by Routledge, this edited volume builds on the assumption that our understanding of the nonhuman world is bound up with the experience of space: thinking about and with nonhuman spaces destabilizes human-scale assumptions. Bringing together new formalism, ecocriticism, and narrative theory, contributors demonstrate that literature can transgress the long-established boundary of the human frame.

Ronen & Cohen (ed.): After Life

Ruth Ronen, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has co-edited, with Rona Cohen, a special issue of Angelaki titled After Life: Recent Philosophy and Death. Organized into five thematic sections, “Death as a Limit to Philosophical Knowledge,” “Challenges to Death: Undying,” “Challenges to the Life/Death Division,” “Heidegger: With and Beyond,” and “The Socio-Political Discourse of Death,” the issue features articles by Étienne Balibar, Joseph Cohen & Raphael Zagury-Orly, Hagi Kenaan & Yaron Senderowicz, Yuval Kremnitzer, Marie-Eve Morin, Jean-Luc Nancy, Galili Shahar, Daniela Vallega-Neu, Hent de Vries, Alenka Zupančič, as well as the editors.

Habjan (ed.): Writing the Himalaya in Polish and Slovenian

Jernej Habjan, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has edited Writing the Himalaya in Polish and Slovenian, a special issue of Slavica TerGestina. The volume features ten articles on mountaineering literature, a genre that is as popular as it is under-researched. Examining writings by Polish and Slovenian pioneers of post-war Himalayan climbing, contributors approach mountaineering as the sport that takes more lives than any the other sport, while also giving us more autobiographies than any other sport—autobiographies that in turn give us new mountaineers.

Lachmann: Rhetorik und Wissenspoetik

Renate Lachmann, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has authored Rhetorik und Wissenspoetik: Studien zu Texten von Athanasius Kircher bis Miljenko Jergović (Rhetoric and Knowledge Poetics: From Athanasius Kircher to Miljenko Jergović). Published by transcript, the book looks at those concepts of literary theory that have only shaped once they crossed the various borders between the East and the West. These include neo-rhetorical concepts such as estrangement and intertextuality as well as notions of classical rhetoric (memoria, evidentia, etc.).

Tbilisi 2022: Final Program

“Theorizing Marginality”

Panel of the AILC–ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory at the AILC–ICLA International Congress “Re-Imagining Literatures of the World: Global and Local, Mainstreams and Margins” (Tbilisi, 24–29 July 2022)

Wednesday, July 27
15:00–16:30 (Georgia Standard Time), Session 1
Theoretical and Philosophical Aspects

Chair: Robert Young
Divya Dwivedi: Marginalysis
Karin Kukkonen: Thinking Outside the Box: Theorizing Marginality through Creativity
Ivana Perica: The “Imperative to Right” and the Right to Marginality

17:00–18:30, Session 2
Theoretical and Philosophical Aspects (continued)
Chair: Stefan Willer

Esra Almas: Minor not Marginal: Contemporary Jewish Memory Writing in Turkey
Rok Benčin: Fiction and the Conflict of Worlds
Robert J.C. Young: Blanked: Being at the Margin

Thursday, July 28
10:00–11:30 (Georgia Standard Time), Session 3
Minor Literatures

Chair: Divya Dwivedi
Alexandre Gefen: Biofiction: The Worldwide Rise of a Rogue Genre
Woosung Kang: The Idea of Minor Cinema in East Asia
Xiaofan Amy Li: Contemporary Poetry, the Marginal Elite in World Literature?

12:00–13:30, Session 4
Aesthetics, Language and Translation
Chair: Alexandre Gefen

Zaal Andronikashvili: The Language of World Literature: Nikolai Marr’s Utopian Linguistics
Mariam Popal: Listening – A Critical Reading vis-à-vis the O/other of the Self
Tiphaine Samoyault: Translation of Minor Languages: Notes and Glossaries

15:00–16:30, Session 5
Aesthetics, Language and Translation (continued)
Chair: Robert Young

Elisabeth Weber: Margins, Borders, Tendrils, Twines: Thinking with Plants as Cosmopolitics
Stefan Willer: Strange Cases

Followed by the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory Business Meeting for members of the Committee.

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