Schmitz-Emans: Zeitungstheater

Monika Schmitz-Emans, former member of the ICLA theory committee, published the book Zeitungstheater: Über Bühnen und Akteure von Humorblättern und Comicbeilagen um 1900. Available at Wehrhahn Verlag, the book traces the influence of popular theater forms on late-nineteenth-century satirical magazines in English and German. It shows how the turn to the spectacular played itself out in graphic narratives as the turn from the mise-en-page to the mise-en-scène.

Stockhammer & Erthel (ed.): Welt-Komposita

Robert Stockhammer, Former and Honorary President of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, has co-edited, with Thomas Erthel, the lexicon Welt-Komposita (World-Compounds). Available with Fink Verlag, this German-language book offers some sixty chapters written in the area between the essay and etymology to test the hypothesis that there is no world without world-compounds, such as Weltgeschichte (world history), Halbwelt (demiworld), or Weltanschauung (worldview)—or, indeed, Welt-Komposita.

Gefen & Bourdeau: CFP: « Sous contrôle » / “Under Control”

ICLA theory committee member Alexandre Gefen (CNRS and The New Sorbonne) is co-organizing, with Loic Bourdeau (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), an online bilingual series of sessions entitled « Sous contrôle » : Fictions et contre-fictions du contrôle social / “Under Control”: Fictions and Counter-fictions of Social Control. In a time of democratic dictatorships (or démocratures), heightened health measures, artificial intelligence, and the supremacy of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, questions around social control and individual freedom are becoming key to contemporary French and Francophone narrative. In these texts, new forms of surveillance are juxtaposed with new discursive revolutions, new calls for unruliness, chance, and happenstance, new subtle contestations and reminders that desire is radical, and a new return of subversion. The organizers invite proposals for 15-minute presentations in English or French, encouraging contributors to avoid monographic approaches. Abstracts (half a page) and bioblurbs are due by December 5, 2020 at and Selected contributors will be informed by December 15, 2020.

Gefen (ed.): Territoires de la non-fiction

The new edition to Brill’s “Chiasma” book series is Territoires de la non-fiction (Territories of Non-Fiction), a collection of essays edited by ICLA theory committee member Alexandre Gefen and featuring a chapter by former member Dominique Vaugeois. If the previous centuries had seen the crowning of the novel, Gefen argues, the twenty-first century begins with the triumph of the document: travel writings, investigative, criminal, or ethnological investigations, autobiographies, “factographies,” factions, literary reports and recordings, and other forms of narrative that refuse to call themselves fictions occupy our bookstores. The volume attempts to inventory these new territories of non-fiction.

Global Publishing and the Making of Literary Worlds

Jernej Habjan, member and webmaster of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, is a member of the 2020–2021 cohort of the Fung Global Fellows at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. On 4–6 June 2021, the Institute, together with Princeton UP and the ICLA, will host Global Publishing and the Making of Literary Worlds: Translation, Media, and Mobility. Convened by ICLA President, Professor Sandra Bermann, this will be an online early-career conference conceived to enable early-career scholars to discuss their book proposals with editors at global academic presses. ICLA Executive Committee scholars, Princeton faculty, and global publishers will serve as keynote speakers and panelists. Formats will include individual plenary speakers; panels of publishers, authors, and translators; workshops; and one-on-one coaching sessions. Submission deadline is 15 October 2020.

Esterhammer: Print and Performance in the 1820s

Angela Esterhammer, former Secretary of the ICLA theory committee, is the author of a new addition to the Cambridge Studies in Romanticism series. Titled Print and Performance in the 1820s: Improvisation, Speculation, Identity, the book shows how bestselling literature, popular theater, and periodical journalism self-consciously experimented with new media. Providing new contexts for figures such as Byron and Scott, and recovering the work of lesser-known contemporaries, Print and Performance in the 1820s explores the era’s influential representations of the way identity is constructed, performed, and perceived.

Sangjin Park receives the Premio Flaiano di Italianistica

Sangjin Park, former member of the Committee on Literary Theory and current member of the AILC-ICLA Executive Council, has been awarded the Premio Flaiano di Italianistica—La cultura italiana nel mondo 2020 for his book on The Divine Comedy as Dante’s spoken epic. The book, entitled Dante ga ilgeojuneun sinkok in Korean, was published in 2019 by Hangilsa, a publishing house based in Seoul. The book rereads Dante’s Divine Comedy by highlighting the acoustic images of its language. It emphasizes the necessity to read the Comedy, a handwritten manuscript from the pre-Gutenberg era, by focusing on its acoustic letters.

Habjan: Ordinary Literature Philosophy

Jernej Habjan, member of the ICLA theory committee, has published Ordinary Literature Philosophy, the first book-length Lacanian reading of J. L. Austin’s ordinary language philosophy as it has been received in the continental tradition by Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler as well as by Jacques Rancière and Oswald Ducrot. In this tradition, Austin’s general theory of speech acts has been neglected on behalf of his special theory of the performative as well as upgraded with a new attention to the literary and the aesthetic. The book was published by Bloomsbury Academic.

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