Dreyer & Vaugeois (ed.): La critique d’art à l’écran

Dominique Vaugeois, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has edited, with Sylvain Dreyer, La critique d’art à l’écran : les arts plastiques (Art Critique on Screen: Visual Arts). This collection of essays published by Presses Universitaires du Septentrion addresses the capacity of cinema to construct a critical view on artistic production; to capture the gesture of painting and penetrate the secret of a certain style; to represent museums and its visitors; and to question the distribution of hierarchies and genres.

Horn: The Future as Catastrophe

Eva Horn, former member of the ICLA theory committee, published The Future as Catastrophe: Imagining Disaster in the Modern Age. Published by Columbia UP, this is the translation, by Valentine Pakis, of Horn’s German-language book on the modern fascination with disaster, which she treats as a symptom of our relationship to the future. Analysing the catastrophic imaginary from its roots in Romanticism and the figure of the Last Man, through the narratives of climatic cataclysm and the Cold War’s apocalyptic sublime, to the contemporary popularity of disaster fiction and end-of-the-world blockbusters, Horn argues that apocalypse always haunts the modern idea of a future that can be anticipated and planned.

Yokota-Murakami: Mother-Tongue in Modern Japanese Literature & Criticism

Takayuki Yokota-Murakami, former member of the ICLA theory committee, published Mother-Tongue in Modern Japanese Literature and Criticism: Toward a New Polylingual Poetics. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, the book examines how early research on literary activities outside national literatures such as émigré literature or diasporic literature conceived of the loss of ‘mother-tongue’ as a tragedy, and how it perpetuated the ideology of national language by relying on the dichotomy of native language/foreign language. Yokota-Murakami transcends these limitations by examining modern Japanese literature and literary criticism through modern philology, the vernacularisation movement, and Korean-Japanese literature.

Leerssen (ed.): Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe

Joep Leerssen, former member of the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory, has edited the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe. Written in cooperation with almost 350 authors from dozens of countries and published by Amsterdam UP, this two-volume encyclopedia gives a clear idea of the intricate transnational and intermedial networks and entanglements in which all aspects of Romantic nationalism are connected.

Dwivedi et al. (ed.): Narratology and Ideology

Divya Dwivedi, member of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, has co-edited, with Henrik Skov Nielsen and Richard Walsh, Narratology and Ideology: Negotiating Context, Form, and Theory in Postcolonial Narratives. Published by The Ohio State UP, the volume brings together many of the most prominent figures in the interface between narratology and postcolonial criticism. It stages a meeting between these two fields as it negotiates both narratological and postcolonialist concerns by addressing specific features of narrative form and technique in the ideological analysis of key postcolonial texts.