Reynolds (co-ed.): Minding Borders

Matthew Reynolds, member of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, has co-edited, with Nicola Gardini, Adriana X. Jacobs, Ben Morgan, and Mohamed-Salah Omri, Minding BordersResilient Divisions in Literature, the Body and the Academy. Published in “Transcript,” a Legenda book series edited by Reynolds, the volume, far from celebrating the crossing of borders, or dreaming of their abolition, traces their troubling and yet generative resilience; the contributors range comparatively across geography, politics, cultural circulation, creativity, and the structuration of academic disciplines, hoping that the analysis of borders in one domain may illuminate their workings in another.  

Biti (ed.): Claiming the Dispossession

Vladimir Biti, Honorary President of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, has edited Claiming the Dispossession: The Politics of Hi/storytelling in Post-imperial Europe. Published by Brill, the book features contributions by former Committe member Marko Juvan as well as Davor Beganović, Zrinka Božić-Blanuša, Bernarda Katušić, Nataša Kovačević, Petr Kučera, Aleksandar Mijatović, Guido Snel, and Stijn Vervaet.

Baroni: Les rouages de l’intrigue

Raphaël Baroni, member of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory, has written Les rouages de l’intrigue : les outils de la narratologie postclassique pour l’analyse des textes littéraires (The Wheels of Intrigue: Tools of Postclassical Narratology for the Analysis of Literary Texts). The book was published by Éditions Slatkine and comes with a preface by Jean-Louis Dufays.

Recently, Baroni has also co-edited, with Samuel Estier, a collective volume on the “voices” of Michel Houellebecq:  Les “voix” de Michel Houellebecq (Université de Lausanne; Fabula).