Macau workshop: preliminary program

Decolonizing the Theory Canon:
ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory Workshop

31 July – 1 August 2019

Venue: University of Macau, Room E4-3054

Preliminary program:

Tina Chanter (Kingston University): “The Spectre of Gender in Decolonizing the Canon”

Anne Duprat (University of Picardie): “Pre-colonizing Literary Theory”

Divya Dwivedi (IIT Delhi): title tba

Alexandre Gefen (CNRS): “Aesthetic Paradigm and Globalization of the Idea of Literature”

Woosung Kang (Seoul National University): “Beyond the Pleasure Principle of Theory: Revitalizing Libido Theoretica”

Kyohei Norimatsu (University of Tokyo): “‘System’ as a Holistic Space: Russian Old and New Eurasianisms and Structuralism”

Sowon Park (UC Santa Barbara): “Decolonizing the Mind: Literary Theory and Cognitive Neuroscience”

Stefan Willer (Humboldt University): “Critical Theory and Music: Adorno”

Robert JC Young (New York University): “What is Literary Theory?”