Lachmann: Lager und Literatur

Renate Lachmann, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has authored Lager und Literatur: Zeugnisse des GULAG (Labor Camp and Literature: Testimonies of the Gulag). Published by Konstanz University Press, the book develops a poetics of labor camp literature. It is interested in the genres, styles, facts, fiction, and other formal principles selected by writers to translate their memories of physical and psychic danger into readable texts. Throughout its 500 pages, Lachmann’s book upholds a balance between the literary and the documentary to restore a crucial dimension of the history of labor camps.

Juvan: Worlding a Peripheral Literature

Marko Juvan, former member of the ICLA theory committee, has authored the book Worlding a Peripheral Literature. The book contests the view that texts can be attributed global importance irrespective of their origin, language, and position in the international book market. Focusing on Slovenian literature, it addresses world literature’s canonical function in the nineteenth-century process of establishing European letters as national literatures. The book is part of “Canon and World Literature,”  a new Palgrave Macmillan series edited by Zhang Longxi.