Publications 2019

Here is a selection of studies published by current and former members of the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory in 2019:

Raphaël Baroni, “The Relevance of Irrelevance in Mimetic Narratives,” in Relevance and Narrative Research, ed. Matei Chihaia and Katharina Rennhak (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books), 109–22;

Paolo Bartoloni, “Transversal Spaces: The Intersection of Renaissance and Contemporary Art in Florence,” Journal of Modern Italian Studies 24.3: 483–511;

Vladimir Biti, “Almost the Same but Not Quite: Kafka and His ‘Assignees’,” Word and Text 9: 161–75;

Assumpta Camps, “Out of the Dominant Political Agenda: Translation and Interpreting Networks for Social Activism,” Transfer 14: 9–23;

Anne Duprat, “Cadres vides et fausses promesses. Le gothique en trompe-l’œil chez Jane Austen et George Eliot,” in L’Ombre d’un doute : nuan­ces et détours de l’inter­pré­ta­tion. Pour François Lecercle, ed.  Emmanuelle Hénin and Clotilde Thouret (Paris: Editions des archi­ves contem­po­rai­nes), 327–36;

Divya Dwivedi (w. Shaj Mohan), Gandhi and Philosophy: On Theological Anti-Politics (London: Bloomsbury);

Angela Esterhammer, “The Reception of Blake in Switzerland,” in The Reception of William Blake in Europe, vol. 1, ed. Morton D. Paley and Sibylle Erle (London: Bloomsbury), 299–309;

Pier Paolo Frassinelli, Borders, Media Crossings and the Politics of Translation (Abingdon: Routledge);

Alexandre Gefen (co- ed. w. Cornelia Ruhe and Oana Panaïte), Fictions “françaises” (= Revue critique de fixxion française contemporaine 19);

Jernej Habjan, “The Global Process of Thinking Global Literature: From Marx’s Weltliteratur to Sarkozy’s littérature-monde, Journal of Global History 14.3: 395–412;

Péter Hajdu, “World Drama, Neohelicon 46.1: 1–6;

Eva Horn (w. Hannes Bergthaller), The Anthropocene: Key Issues for the Humanities (London: Routledge);

Marko Juvan, Worlding a Peripheral Literature (London: Palgrave Macmillan);

György C. Kálmán, Descriptions in Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Primerjalna književnost 42.2: 65–78;

Ulrike Kistner (w. Anthony Court), Polycracy as an A-system of Rule? Politeia 38.1: 120;

Renate Lachmann, Lager und Literatur: Zeugnisse des GULAG (Konstanz: Konstanz UP);

Svend Erik Larsen,Monsters and Human Solitude, in Monsters and Monstrosity : From the Canon to the Anti-Canon, ed. Daniela Carpi (Berlin: De Gruyter), 35–44;

Françoise Lavocat, “Possible Worlds, Virtual Worlds,” in Possible Worlds Theory and Contemporary Narratology, ed. Alice Bell and Marie-Laure Ryan (Lincoln: U of Nebraska P), 27295;

Joep Leerssen, “Regionalism in the Low Countries,” in Regionalism and Modern Europe, ed. Xosé M. Núñez Seixas and Eric Storm (London: Bloomsbury), 21331;

Walter Moser, Robert Musil : La mise à l’essai du roman (Paris: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme);

Kyohei Norimatsu, “空間の不安 : 一九八九年とロシア・ナショナリズムの比較文明学 (1989), 思想 1146: 93109;

Sowon S. Park (w. Kathryn Laing), “Writing the Vote: Suffrage, Gender and Politics,” in British Literature in Transition, 1920–1940, ed. Charles Ferrall and Dougal McNeill (Cambridge: Cambridge UP), 91–107;

Bo Pettersson, “Between the Street and the Drawing Room,” in The Materiality of Literary Narratives in Urban History, ed. Lieven Ameel, Jason Finch, Silja Laine, and Richard Dennis (Abingdon: Routledge), 1938;

Matthew Reynolds (w. Dennis Duncan, Stephen Harrison, and Katrin Kohl), Babel: Adventures in Translation (Oxford: Bodleian Publishing);

Phillip Rothwell, “Carmen Pereira’s Os meus três amores: The Voice of Militant Motherhood in Guinea-Bissau, Journal of Romance Studies 19.3: 511–25;

Monika Schmitz-Emans (ed.), Literatur, Buchgestaltung und Buchkunst (Berlin: De Gruyter);

Galin Tihanov, The Birth and Death of Literary Theory: Regimes of Relevance in Russia and Beyond (Stanford: Stanford UP);

Galin Tihanov (co-ed. w. Dieter Lamping), Vergleichende Weltliteraturen / Comparative World Literatures (Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler).

Stefan Willer (co-ed. w. Arne Stollberg, Stephan Ahrens, and Jörg Königsdorf), Oper und Film (Munich: Edition text+kritik);

Stefan Willer (co-ed. w. Johannes Becker, Benjamin Bühler, and Sandra Pravica), Zukunftssicherung (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag);

Takayuki Yokota-Murakami, “Translation and Comparative Literature,Pacific Coast Philology 54.1: 56–73;

Robert J.C. Young, “Theory, Philosophy, Literature,” in French Thought and Literary Theory in the UK, ed. Irving Goh (New York: Routledge), 1–14;

John Zilcosky (co-ed. w. Marlo A. Burks), The Allure of Sports in Western Culture (Toronto: U of Toronto P).