Gefen & Crozet: La littérature : une infographie

ICLA theory committee member Alexandre Gefen has teamed up with data designer and cartographer Guillemette Crozet to co-author the book La littérature : une infographie (Literature: An Infography). Published by CNRS Èditions, the book offers a new kind of graphic writing that is as rich as it is playful. Thanks to data visualization, readers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of literature, meeting its history, its genres, its authors, its works and their circulation, but also its readers.

Larsen (co-ed. w. Jørgensen & Higonnet): Pathways through Realism

Svend Erik Larsen, former member of the ICLA theory committee, is co-editor, with Steen Bille Jørgensen and Margaret R. Higonnet, of Volume II of Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking Literary Realism in Comparative Perspectives. Subtitled Pathways through Realism, this collection of essays is the thirty-third tome of the Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages, the ICLA sponsored book series published by John Benjamins. Pathways through Realism shows in its four core essays and twenty-four case studies four major pathways through the landscapes of realism: the psychological pathways focusing on emotion and memory; the referential pathways highlighting the role of materiality; the formal pathways demonstrating the dynamics of formal experiments; and the geographical pathways exploring the worlding of realism from the nineteenth century to the present.