Jean-Luc Nancy : Anastasis de la pensée / Anastasis of Thinking

Divya Dwivedi, member of the ICLA theory committee, and Jérôme Lèbre, Shaj Mohan, Maël Montévil, and François Warin have organized the conference Jean-Luc Nancy : Anastasis de la pensée / Anastasis of Thinking. The conference is to take place from January 22–24 at Centre Pompidou, the ENS (both in Paris), and online. It will be a three-day celebration of Jean-Luc Nancy with the reading of texts by his friends, films about him, musical performances, and discussions exploring the themes which concerned Nancy throughout his life, including body, touch, world, sense, community, democracy, value, poetry, cinema, the arts, religion, technology, death, and time. Registration is required here.

Stockhammer: Reisen zwischen Abenteuer und Rasterung

Robert Stockhammer, Former and Honorary President of the ICLA Theory Committee, authored the book Reisen zwischen Abenteuer und Rasterung: mit James Cook und Herman Melville im Pazifik (Travel between Adventure and Resolution: In the Pacific with James Cook and Herman Melville). Published by Brill, Stockhammer’s book discusses the relation between adventure and resolution, noting that any clear delimitation should be met with doubt, just as Adventure Island and Resolution Island are joined by Doubtfull Island in James Cook’s cartography. Cook’s second voyage around the world (1772–75) and Herman Melville’s anti-Cookian Pacific voyage (1841–44) are approached with the help of texts as different as logbooks and novels.