CFP: International Conference “Neohelicon 50”, 28-30 August 2023, Szeged, Hungary

Péter Hajdu, former Committee member and one of the editors-in-chief of Neohelicon, is inviting contributions to the international conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the journal.

In the conference, research papers should be presented that are connected to Neohelicon’s half-century history and should revisit or further elaborate a topic among the numerous thematic issues, clusters or mini-clusters, or even a single but especially important paper from the journal. Any topic ever discussed in Neohelicon can be revisited, but the specific stress of the conference will be on the following topics:

> Youth in literature (1985/2)
> Literatures of regions or areas (among others both issues of 1996)
> Ecocritical approaches to literature (2009/2, 2017/2)
> Concepts of world literature (2011/2)

Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2023. The conference will take place during 28-30 August 2023 in Szeged, Hungary. Further details can be found here.

Karin Kukkonen: New Research Project on the Emergence of the Novel

Committee member Karin Kukkonen has launched a new research project on «Jeu du roman» at the University of Oslo. The project seeks to shed light on how literary games in the French 17th-century salons contributed to establishing the novel as a genre. The project combines literary studies, anthropology and creative writing and, by re-enacting some of these 400 years-old games, it aims to reconstruct part of the context for the rise of the novel. Further information can be found here.