The Political Uses of Literature

The Political Uses of Literature: Comparative Approaches, Theoretical Perspectives is an online conference organized by the members of the “Globalization and Literature” research team at the University of Munich, which is chaired by Robert Stockhammer, former President of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory. Taking place on February 5–6 on Zoom, the conference will feature papers by Hunter Bivens, Sandra Fluhrer, Steven Lee, Aurore Peyreles, Gabriel Rockhill, Rebecca Unterberger, and Dirk Wiemann, as well as Galin Tihanov, who is also a former Committee President. Please email the organizers, Ivana Perica ( and Benjamin Kohlmann (, for the Zoom link and for precirculated papers.

Schmitz-Emans: Zeitungstheater

Monika Schmitz-Emans, former member of the ICLA theory committee, published the book Zeitungstheater: Über Bühnen und Akteure von Humorblättern und Comicbeilagen um 1900. Available at Wehrhahn Verlag, the book traces the influence of popular theater forms on late-nineteenth-century satirical magazines in English and German. It shows how the turn to the spectacular played itself out in graphic narratives as the turn from the mise-en-page to the mise-en-scène.