“World, War, Literature”: Workshop at Tampere University, 30 November 2022

Jernej Habjan, former member of the ICLA theory committee, will present his latest work on world-literary theory at the workshop “World, War, Literature“, convened by Natalya Bekhta (current committee member). The workshop will in particular discuss the place of contemporary literary cultures of Central and Eastern Europe in current theoretical debates. It will take place on 30 November at Tampere University (Finland). Online participation is possible.

Caracciolo (co-ed. w. Karlsson Marcussen & Rodriguez): Narrating Nonhuman Spaces

Marco Caracciolo, member of the ICLA theory committee, is co-editor, with Marlene Karlsson Marcussen and David Rodriguez, of Narrating Nonhuman Spaces: Form, Story, and Experience beyond Anthropocentrism. Published by Routledge, this edited volume builds on the assumption that our understanding of the nonhuman world is bound up with the experience of space: thinking about and with nonhuman spaces destabilizes human-scale assumptions. Bringing together new formalism, ecocriticism, and narrative theory, contributors demonstrate that literature can transgress the long-established boundary of the human frame.