Publications 2022

Here is a selection of studies published by current and former members of the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory in 2022:

Zaal Andronikashvili, “A Tale of Two Europes,” in Realities, Challenges, Visions? Towards a New Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy, ed. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha (Karlsruhe: KIT Scientific Publishing), 43–54;

Rok Benčin, “Verso un materialismo stilistico,” in Sulla soglia delle forme: genealogia, estetica, politica della materia, ed. Anna Montebugnoli (Milan: Meltemi), 91–106;

Marco Caracciolo (co-ed. w. Marlene Karlsson Marcussen & David Rodriguez), Narrating Nonhuman Spaces: Form, Story, and Experience beyond Anthropocentrism (New York: Routledge);

Divya Dwivedi (ed.), Virality of Evil: Philosophy in the Time of a Pandemic (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield);

Alexandre Gefen ( co-ed. w. Loïc Bourdeau), “Sous contrôle” : fictions et contre-fictions du contrôle social (= Nouvelles Études Francophones 37.1);

Davide Giuriato, “Kind/Kindheit,” in Handbuch Idylle, ed. Jan Gerstner, Jakob C. Heller, & Christian Schmitt (Heidelberg: J. B. Metzler), 465–67;

Jernej Habjan (ed.), Writing the Himalaya in Polish and Slovenian (= Slavica TerGestina 28);

Hermann Herlinghaus, “Affectivity beyond ‘Bare Life’: On the Non-Tragic Return of Violence in Latin American Film,” in A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture: Second Edition, ed. Sara Castro-Klaren (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons), 537–54;

Djelal Kadir (co-ed. w. Theo D’haen & David Damrosch), The Routledge Companion to World Literature: Second Edition (London: Routledge);

Woosung Kang, “A Fantasy of Survival and Class Stink in Parasite,” Unitas 95.2: 189–212;

Maya Kesrouany, “Theatre of the Probable: Saʿdallah Wannous, Rabih Mroué, and the Spectator,” Contemporary Levant 7.1: 39–53;

Ulrike Kistner, “(Un)Doing Critical Theory in Pretoria, 1981–1987,” History of Humanities 7.2: 195–213;

Karin Kukkonen (w. Dorothee Birke & Eva von Contzen), “Chrononarratology,” Narrative 30.1: 26–46;

Renate Lachmann, Rhetorik und Wissenspoetik: Studien zu Texten von Athanasius Kircher bis Miljenko Jergović (Bielefeld: transcript);

Svend Erik Larsen (co-ed. w. Steen Bille Jørgensen & Margaret R. Higonnet), Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking Literary Realism in Comparative Perspectives. Volume II: Pathways through Realism (Amsterdam: John Benjamins);

Xiaofan Amy Li, “A Post-Orientalist Turn: Pascal Quignard, Michèle Métail, and China,” in The Western Reinvention of Chinese Literature, 1910–2010, ed. Zong-qi Cai & Stephen Roddy (Leiden: Brill), 195–222;

Sowon Park, “Deixis and Dissociation: On the Adaptive Power of Dissociated ‘I’s,Modern Fiction Studies 68.4: 668–86;

Ivana Perica, “The Revolutionary Pulp Fiction,” Wiener Digitale Revue 4:;

Anders Pettersson, “On Literary Meaning,” Neohelicon 49.1: 167–81;

Ruth Ronen (co-ed. w. Rona Cohen), After Life: Recent Philosophy and Death (= Angelaki 27.1);

Robert Stockhammer, “Die Dorfgeschichte in Zeiten von Globalisierung und Anthropozän, ” Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur 47.2: 403–12;

Susanne Strätling, “Wärmelehren der Literatur: Energiemetaphern in Lev Tolstojs Krieg und Frieden,” Figurationen 23.2: 43–64;

Galin Tihanov (ed.), Universal Localities: The Languages of World Literature (Heidelberg: J. B. Metzler);

Stefan Willer, “Verhinderte Zukunft,” in Figurationen von Unsicherheit, ed. Eryk Noji et al. (Wiesbaden: Springer VS), 65–84;

Robert J. C. Young, “Resituating Nikolai Marr,” Interventions 24.5: 621–37.

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