Publications 2020

Here is a selection of studies published by current and former members of the ICLA Research Committee on Literary Theory in 2020:

Raphaël Baroni (co-ed. w. Claus Gunti), Introduction à l’étude des cultures numériques (Paris: Armand Colin);

Vladimir Biti, “Post-imperial Europe: Integration through Disintegration,” European Review 28.1: 62–75;

Luiz Costa Lima, “‘Blanco’: A Version of Mallarmé’s Heritage,” in Transpoetic Exchange, ed. Marília Librandi, Jamille Pinheiro Dias, and Tom Winterbottom (Lewisburg: Bucknell UP), 62–72;

Divya Dwivedi (ed.), L’Inde : colossale et capitale (= Critique 872–73);

Angela Esterhammer, Print and Performance in the 1820s: Improvisation, Speculation, Identity (Cambridge: Cambridge UP);

Alexandre Gefen (co-ed. w. Sandra Laugier), Le pouvoir des liens faibles (Paris: CNRS Éditions);

Jernej Habjan, Ordinary Literature Philosophy (London: Bloomsbury);

Péter Hajdu, “East-Central Europe in Comparative Literature Studies: Introduction,” Neohelicon 47.2: 595–601;

Marko Juvan, “Literature, Theory and Politics of the Long ’68: The Last Season of Modernism and Peripherality,” European Review,;

Woosung Kang, “Bartleby and the Abyss of Potentiality,” Concentric 46.2: 37–61;

Ulrike Kistner (co-ed. w. Philippe Van Haute), Violence, Slavery and Freedom between Hegel and Fanon (Johannesburg: Wits UP);

Svend Erik Larsen (ed.), Mind the Gap: Bridging Secondary and Higher Education (= European Review 28.S1);

Françoise Lavocat, “Dido Meets Aeneas: Anachronism, Alternative History, Counterfactual Thinking and the Idea of Fiction,” Journal of Literary Theory 14.2: 194–214;

Joep Leerssen, “Cultural Mobility and Political Mobilization: Transnational Dynamics, National Action,” in The First World War and the Nationality Question in Europe, ed. Xosé M. Núñez Seixas (Leiden: Brill), 17–36;

Reingard Nethersole, “Language in Limbo: Being Suspended between Consolation and Control,” Philosophy and Rhetoric 53.3: 306–11;

Matthew Reynolds (ed.), Prismatic Translation (Cambridge: Legenda);

Silvina Rodrigues Lopes, “Of Literature as a Composition of the Disparate and its Political Implications,” Portuguese Studies 36.2: 132–46;

Ruth Ronen, “Possible Worlds,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature,;

Monika Schmitz-Emans, Zeitungstheater. Über Bühnen und Akteure von Humorblättern und Comicbeilagen um 1900 (Hannover: Wehrhahn Verlag);

Robert Stockhammer (co-ed. w. Thomas Erthel), Welt-Komposita (Paderborn: Fink Verlag);

Galin Tihanov, “Revisiting Lukács’ Theory of Realism,” Thesis Eleven 159.1: 57–63;

Dominique Vaugeois, “Se situer pour s’instituer. Le sujet et son territoire dans les écrits sur l’art de Maryline Desbiolles,” in Territoires de la non-fiction, ed. Alexandre Gefen (Leiden: Brill), 353–68;

Darío Villanueva, “Posverdad y distopía,” Revista de Estudos Literários 10: 673-95;

Stefan Willer, “‘Sey geduldig, du bist schuldig’. Poetische Schuldtransfers bei Clemens Brentano,” KulturPoetik 20.1: 59–77;

Robert J. C. Young, Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction. Second Edition (Oxford: Oxford UP);

John Zilcosky, “Freud träumt von Rider Haggard,” in Abenteuer in der Moderne, ed. Oliver Grill and Brigitte Obermayr (Leiden: Brill), 91–104.

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